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Much too young to be a hero.

Dan always protects Val, but when they find themselves far from home with only themselves to rely on, things change.

Val discovers special talents and learns to use them for others. Through force of will, Dan overcomes debilitating back pain and his deep yearning to reunite with his wife, and remains strong for Val. They join in unimaginable war for the first time in hope of victory to prevent dark forces from overwhelming their new friends.

If not, they may never see home again.

Adventure, first contact, space battles, an interplanetary civilization … and giants.

A man and his teenaged daughter are whisked away to a mysterious planet where an ancient civilization is threatened.

A melange of traditional old school science fiction, with a side of space navy. A first contact novel of discovery and fellowship.

This is a story in a world where people of ancient times knew much more than most acknowledge today.